Saturday, February 28, 2009

At the End of a Hard Season...

When you start to get to the tail end of a hard season in terms of wins and losses, things are going to go one of two ways: you are either going to implode or start to have fun. I think last night, even though we dropped one to Central (after close first half we ran out of gas in the second half), my guys started to have fun playing with each other and I was so glad to see that, as that was what I had been working for all year. They cheered each other up after mistakes and cheered each other on after good plays. I tried to keep things light as long as I didn't feel they were going to quit, and they didn't. I think, as a freshmen coach, it's vital to make sure that your season ends on a positive note because you need those guys to have energy in the gym come summer workouts. And as I have said before, we have come a LONG way this year in terms of improving their skills and their attitudes. I am very proud of them and wish that we could have won more games than we did, because they deserved to.

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