Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giving the Team a "Day Off"

As you get to the end of a season, players start to get burned out and worn down a little bit. This is especially true when you are having a rough season record wise we are having. It's not that we haven't had a successful season in terms of improving our overall game (which was my goal), because we have done great in that area, but our record has not been what the players would have liked. Anyway, because I can feel my guys starting to burn out I decided to give them a day yesterday where we did nothing but fun stuff.

We started out playing baseball, moved to sack races, then tug-of-war, and then they were given pieces of gym equipment and had to make it from one baseline to the other without touching the ground. Then I let them just play for the last forty minutes of practice. Two of the three people that actually read this blog probably think it was a waste of time to do this, but I personally think that kids (especially freshmen) need a break from the everyday routine. What I don't want is to burn them out completely so that they do not show up routinely for summer workouts in June and July. I want them to still love this game. I think everyone needs a mental health day from their daily grind, and this is a good way to give it to them while still building team camaraderie.

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