Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Situation Day

As I continue the trend of keeping my player's interest through the last few weeks of the season, today we had a situation day. On situation days I use the clock (did not today, but usually do) and play some mini games using different times and scores. I have the players divide into teams and play out a bunch of different scenarios. They receive a point of they win. The losers at the end of it all have to run.

I go over a bunch of different scenarios such as up 1 with 10 seconds left, down 10 with 3 minutes left, so on and so fourth. Usually what I try to do is give a scenario and then give the same scenario with the teams flipped so the players can see how to do it from both sides. I also adjust fouls for the teams in terms of bonus/double bonus/ no bonus so they have to think about that.

Another drill I like to use to teach scenarios is called 76-76. You divide into two teams and start them with a score of 76-76. You put three minutes on the clock, but do not start it. The teams play until one hits 80 points and then the clock starts and the teams play out the scenario. The beauty of this drill is that every time you play you get a different look. One time it might be a one point game with a minute left, the next time it might be an 8 point game with two minutes left. You as the coach have to really learn to think on your feet, as you do in a game. I think this is a great way to keep you sharp as a coach. If I was coaching varsity, I would play this drill out at least once a week just to drill situations.

I really think that situations are an important part of basketball, but something that isn't dealt with a lot. I know I did not do that well with my freshmen on it this year, and really should have. It is tends to be one of those things that gets overlooked for other things. But it can be something that makes or breaks a game, and even makes or breaks your season.


Justin Ochoa said...

Situations are very key, and when using this drill it makes every single one of your players more knowledgeable. I work with the SPC lady texans jr. college team, and we also love to use situation drills, because when it comes down to the real thing they wont lose their much lol

JohnCarrier said...

Hey, I agree too. Situations can win and lose you a lot of games in a season. Especially when you go back and look at games you won or lost by less than ten!