Monday, February 9, 2009

Good Lob Play

This is a play I picked up while at LaCrosse Central. On the freshmen team we had a 6-7 post and an athletic 6-4 post that we ran this for. Worked really well. I also ran it often when I coached Minnesota Magic 19U (which is really like glorified baby sitting), and got some fun dunks for my older guys. If I ever have high flyers again, I am sure I will break this one out. Good play to run to get your guys pumped up to start the game or the half.

The play starts in a basic point guard, two wing, two post set. The post who is getting the lob cuts up the lane line and recieves a pass from the point guard. As this is happening, the other post player cuts across the lane and posts up. The backside wing starts to cut down into the middle of the lane. The post who popped up quickly swings the ball to the wing and as he lets the pass go, the backside wing sets a back screen for him to free him up for the lob. The backside wing pops for a jumper and the wing with the ball looks to throw the lob.
*Sometimes on this play, after a team has seen it, the player guarding the other post (not the one getting the lob) will sag off his man to play the lob. That opens up the post feed and an easy layup. It was suprising how many times the post entry actually scored us the points because the team was so worried about the lob.

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