Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shooting Drill - Swing Shooting

Swing shooting is a very simple drill that gets players used to both swinging the ball quickly, making good passes, and catching and shooting on the swing from side to side.

The drill starts with four players on the four perimeter spots as shown below.

Player 1 starts with the ball, passes to player 2 who swings to player three who swings to player four in the corner for a jumper. Player four gets his own rebound and as he is, 1-2-3 all rotate one position over to the right to cover the open spot left by four. When four gets the rebound he makes a good pass to 1 (who is now at the guard spot on the left side of the diagram). Four fills the empty wing spot. 1 passes to two, who passes to three, who then shoots from the corner. Three gets his rebound and everyone rotates.

I make sure to run the drill so that the shooter is taking shots from both sides and getting used to ripping the ball into his shot pocket from both angles.

I also like to use this drill as a competitve drill where teams race against each other or need to make X number of shots in X number of time. Gives the passes a little more zip and the shots a little more pressure.

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