Monday, August 25, 2014

Your One Thing

Below is a clip from the classic move "City Slickers". We used it today in teaching professional development. and it got me thinking about my coaching as well as my teaching.

It's just as important for coaches to find their "one thing" as it is teachers. When I talk about "one thing", I'm not talking about tactical stuff such as "not giving up layups" or "we always work hard", it's more than that. It is about your purpose or why you coach. We all started coaching for a reason, and not always the same one. There are many reasons to coach and mine is simple - I want to help young people find success. That's the reason I started coaching, and why I continue to coach. That's why I strive to teach more than basketball and also focus on player development. That one thing shapes everything with my philosophy. What is your "one thing" and why? I think when you identify your one thing it really helps you drill down your coaching philosophy. 

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