Tuesday, August 26, 2014

China's Horns Early Offense

Image from Youtube.com
I spent a lot of today watching China vs Philippines as part of FIBA's Asia Cup on Youtube. I was really
impressed with the Xs and Os of both teams and will be adding some other content from the game over the next few days. There was some really good stuff on both sides - Philippines ran some good DDM entries and ran the floor well. China ran some horns and a few other good sets that I will post later. Today we are going to talk about China's Horns set they ran as their early offense.

Point Guard Option Horns Set
This was the best thing they ran out of their Horns look. In the clips it's a little sloppy, but I thought the actions were pretty darn good.

The offense was usually ran in a dead ball situation. The point guard brings the the ball up, and the other players get into a horns formation. The right side post (4) screens across for the left side (5). The left side (5) cuts across the lane and receives the pass on the three point line.

 The point guard then makes a read. He either follows his pass and takes the hand off or comes off a flair screen by the other post (4).

If the point takes the handoff, he first looks to drive. The opposite post (4) sets a back screen for the post who is handing the ball of (5).

Here is what the handoff option looks like in real time. 

If the point guard comes off the screen by the opposite post (4), he wraps the flair screen to the basket. As he cuts to the rim, the post with the ball (5) dribbles at the corner and hands off with the corner player (3). The opposite post (4) starts to follow the dribble.

On the hand off, the point guard (1) sets a back screen for the 5 handing off the ball. The 5 cuts to the rim. Also as the hand off occurs, the opposite post (4) is coming across to set a ball screen for the wing (3) coming off the hand off. The screener (4) pops and the wing (3) looks to drive. If it's not there he throws back and the 1 goes 1 on 1 on the wing.

Here is a quick clip of the point guard cut away option.

In the last option, the point guard makes the pass and cuts to the rim. He gets to the rim and then starts to fill out toward the back side corner.

The point guard sets a flex type screen for the corner perimeter (2) and then receive a down screen from the opposite post (5). The ball is reversed to the 1 and the flex action is run again. 

 Here is a quick shot of China running the set. They didn't quite run the second flex action, but it's what I believe they were looking for. If not, then it was a fake flex and come off the down screen.

I like this as early offense because you get a few different looks early. It's also an offense that you as a coach don't have to call out - you can simply have your point guard pick and option and go. I'm a big fan of back screening the screener and hand off man - and this set has both of those options.

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