Thursday, August 7, 2014

Chess Match in Italy vs. Greece U18 Game

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As I was watching the Italy vs. Greece U18 game, there was an interesting situation that occurred between the coaches right at the end of the half. There is a jump ball giving posession to the Italians with 12 seconds left. The Italian coach draws up his end game set, a simple pick and roll for his PG with everyone else spotting up. The interesting piece for me is that the Greek coach comes out and immediately traps the PG resulting in a near turnover. The Italians still hit a contested shot to end the half, but I was impressed with Greece coming out and changing it up to take the other team out of their rhythm. It just proves that sometimes even the best laid plan, and the right move, goes awry. Below is the video, it's a little bit long but I like that it shows what the Italian coach is drawing up in the huddle so you can see how it translates to the court. Listen for the American country music is playing during the time out.

I'm a big fan of doing that anytime a coach has just drawn up a play for his guys. There is nothing better than taking their carefully thought out set and flushing it. For example, I'm a huge man to man guy and play it almost exclusively. But if a coach calls timeout at the end of a half or game to draw something up I might switch to a zone or a one time trap (thumbs up or down) just to throw them off. As coaches - what do you guys believe? Change it up in this situation, even temporarily, to take them out of rhythm, or just stick with what you do?

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