Monday, August 4, 2014

Using Hammer Action with Your Posts

I am currently watching a second round game of the FIBA European Championship between Serbia and Turkey. One of the things that the Serbian big man is doing well early on is throwing the baseline "Hammer Action" pass to the opposite corner with deadly effectiveness. I know many teams use it with their guards on a baseline drive, but it's important to teach posts how to do it as well. Having your posts able to do this basically eliminates the help coming from the baseline. As you can see in the clip below, the post basically waits for the help to get into position and then throws it out to the open player. The first one results in a knock down jumper and the second one ends in a "one more" pass and a three. I also see it as a great action to create a closeout to attack the basket. Why I haven't emphasized it with our bigs before I don't know, but I do know we will emphasize it this coming year!

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