Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Your Drills: Kim Kardashian or Steve Buscemi?

At our coaching round table last week, Scott Savor of Secrets in Sports ( was kind enough to speak. One of the things that stuck with me was when he talked about the "Kim Kardashian Syndrome" - when something looks good but doesn't really provide anything of value. 

It immediately made me think of a lot of the "drills" coaches run that look good but aren't game like, are not accomplishing anything, and really aren't building game habits. For example, my favorite one is the basic three man weave. It's a fine warm up to get guys moving and shooting layups, but it doesn't really accomplish anything game like. It's not a terrible drill, but there are a lot of better alternatives that provide a whole lot more value. Another one is the classic box passing where a bunch of guys are in a box, you pass, follow it get it back hand it off, and the next guy passes. Never seen anyone run offense like that but it sure does look cool. 

While thinking about Kim Kardashian drills, I started wondering who the opposite of Kim Kardashian is in the entertainment world. Steve Buscemi immediately came to mind. If you haven't watched Boardwalk Empire you are missing out. The guy can play roles, from comedic to serious, extremely well. He makes bit parts memorable (see Big Daddy) and can carry a show. And let's be honest, he's not getting roles because of his dashing good looks - he's getting them because he is great at getting the job done!

With that said, what are your Steve Buscemi drills? What drills might be a little bit less aesthetically pleasing, but really develop some good habits in your players? For me, cutthroat, sudden change, and any 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 game are all Buscemi's. They teach kids how to play, no matter the situation. 

In closing I would urge you to examine your drills. Are they Kardashians or Buscemis? Are they really doing anything or just making practice look good in case a parent, teacher, or administrator walks in? You'll find the more Buscemi drills you do in practice the more Kardashian your team will look like on game days.

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