Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Rubishko Files: Greece 2008 Olympic Horns Sets

Editors Note: Several weeks ago I was helping my head coach move and aquired several boxes of scouting reports, game film, and scouting tapes. The Rubishko Files are information from there. As a courtesy to the coaches I am not going to list the school and also out of respect I am not going to share any information from coaches who have helped me in the past.
These sets come from a breakdown of the 2008 Greek Olympic Team's Horn Sets. These clips were actually put together by DeLaSalle's Coach Thorson who watches obscene amounts of tape each year! And I'm not a horns fan by any means, but I am impressed with what they do out of these sets. Simple, yet effective.

Set 1 - Swing and Slip
This is an interesting set, and a great compliment to the horns set published below. Also, in these sets Greece starts their posts higher than the other team did, which I like better - more room to operate.

The point guard (1) comes off the 4's side. The other post (5) slips to the rim and then the block. Look to get him the ball. The 4 who set the screen flairs to the opposite slot off the screen.
 The ball gets throw back across to the 4. The 4 then looks to drive. The ball side corner (3) comes up and gets the ball if the drive is not there.
 The 4 dives off the pass out and the 5 pops to the elbow and gets the ball. He can shoot it, dump into the 4, or kick across to the other wing (2) who came up.

Set 2 - Flair
This is another great counter to the bread and butter post entry horns set a few posts back.
In this set, the point (1) again comes off the 4's side of the ball screen.
 The backside post (5) sets a flair screen for the 4 who flairs to the opposite slot. We throw the ball back across to the 4 who can immediately go.

If the 4 doesn't immediately go to the rack the 5 pseudo rolls and then sets a ball screen for the 4 to go baseline.

**Obviously you can't run this with an unskilled 4, but if you've got a 4 who can play, and run a 4 guard system, this would be a great set for you to run. I would say you even could run it with your stud wing at the 4.
Set 3 - Switch and Slip
A dirt simple play, but it's the simplicity I fell in love with. So the 1 comes off the 4s side again. The 5 works his way out between the slot and the wing.
 This time the 4 turns and rescreens, the 1 comes back across the top and the 5 backcuts for a layup.
Closing Thoughts
The simplicity of these Greek sets is what's beautiful about them.  If you are into the high pick and roll game, or you've got a good post and need creative ways to involve him in the offense, these could work very well for you.

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