Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Rubishko Files: Simple, but Great, Horns Set

Editors Note: Several weeks ago I was helping my head coach move and aquired several boxes of scouting reports, game film, and scouting tapes. The Rubishko Files are information from there. As a courtesy to the coaches I am not going to list the school and also out of respect I am not going to share any information from coaches who have helped me in the past.

This was a horns set that was on a scouting tape. This team has a nice post and ran this set for him OVER AND OVER with success. It's simple, but every coach should add it to their tool belt - I know I have! It's pretty similar to what Spain was doing during the Olympics - although this film was from 2008.

This starts as a basic horns set with the point guard (1) coming off the high screen on the side of the stud post. The point (1) bounces out to the wing, stud post rolls (look inside), and the opposite post (4) pops high.

Throw the ball back to the high post (4) and go right into the stud post (5) who sealed off the roll if he didn't get it.

So again, it's a super simple set, but 

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