Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Rubishko Files: Killer 1-4 High Set

Editors Note: Several weeks ago I was helping my head coach move and aquired several boxes of scouting reports, game film, and scouting tapes. The Rubishko Files are information from there. As a courtesy to the coaches I am not going to list the school and also out of respect I am not going to share any information from coaches who have helped me in the past.

The first thing I am going to share is a great 1-4 high set. It's got everything you'd want in a 1-4 high, backdoors, post ups, and backscreens. It's a really slick set to get the ball into your post.

The set starts with the 1-4 high, having the wings higher than free throw line extended. The play started in the clip out of the break and a full cour situation, but could be run in your regular half court set.

The guard (1) passes to the wing (2) and cuts through off the elevator screen with the posts at the elbows (4, 5). The pass should go to the opposite side of your better post (5). The point (1) cuts to the rim and then the block on his way out to the ballside corner.

As the point (1) fills to the corner, the backside post (5) pops up and recieves the pass from the wing (2).

The wing (2) cuts off a screen by the remining post (4) at the elbow to the rim. The backside wing (3) also runs a backcut as the post (5) catches the pass. If not going to get a layup breaks off and ends up in the corner.

The wing who came off the screen (2) fills out to the wing on the opposite side that he came from. The point fills up, and the high post (4) works his way to the block.

The post at the top (5) screens down for the other post (4) on the block. The low post (4) pops up and recieves the pass.

As the post (5) set the downscreen he seals and the post who popped (4) looks to go right inside for the post up and score.

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