Sunday, January 11, 2015

X's and O's from the Sanford Pentagon Classic

The Sanford Pentagon is likely the nicest basketball facility you've never been to. The Pentagon, located on the outskirts of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a true basketball palace (No offense to the Corn Palace). We were lucky enough to be invited to the Sanford Pentagon Classic - a two day shootout featuring 27 teams from South Dakota and Minnesota. We only participated on the Saturday, but there was a lot of great basketball to see. Below are some of the Xs and Os that I saw on Saturday. Lost of baseline actions into double staggered looks - was kind of a theme for the day. Anyway, onto the Xs and Os!

Flex to Double 
I've seen this set before, but like it and it was run well at the Classic. I'm not a flex offense fan, but I love sets that incorporate flex cuts because they are so hard to defend. When you couple it with a double stagger for the screener it's pretty slick.

High Post Curl to Screen the Screener Double
Set to get your point guard a three pointer. The set starts with the point guard reversing it to the opposite guard who then swings it to the wing on his side. The point sets a screen for the back side wing (3) who runs a curl cut off the guard and the post. As the wing (3) clears the screen the other guard (2) and the high post (5) set a staggered double for the 1 to come off in a screen the screener action.

Great Mis-Direction Set for a Shooter
In this set, your shooter should be at the three spot. 

Set starts in a 4 out with the wings low. The opposite guard (2) sets a ball screen for the point guard (1). The point comes off the ball screen, as he does the post (5) sets a back screen for the 3 who cuts through to the ball side short corner/block. If nothing is there, the ball side wing (4) cuts up and gets the pass. 
The point guard (1) cuts through on the pass to the 4 and fills the backside high wing.. The other guard (2) who ball screened cuts to the ball and gets the reversal and swings it to the 5 who has cut up to the slot spot. As the 5 catches the ball the 2 and 4 set a double pin down for the three man in the short corner. 

Double Curl to Back Screen to Double Down
The same team that ran the set above also ran this set for their shooter (3). I like that there's a variety of actions and then they hit give their shoulder a double down to come off of. I also love having your shooter set screens and then get screens (see what the Hawks do with Kyle Korver).

The set starts in a 1-4 high. The point guard enters to the wing opposite their shooter. The shooter (3) comes off of the two high posts and curls to the rim. The backside post (5) flairs the point guard. If nothing is there the opposite high post (5) steps out and reverses to the point on the back side wing. As the reversal is being made the wing who curled (3) sets a back screen for the other wing (2).

 As soon as the ball hits 1's hands, the 4 on 5 set the double down for the screener (3) who cuts up for a shot.

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