Saturday, April 2, 2016

Memphis Griz BLOB

Photo courtesy of Slam Online
Dave Joerger is doing one heck of a job this season, there is no doubt! What he's been able to do in Memphis with all the injuries and cobbled together line ups is incredible. There is no way they should be a top 5 team in the West, strictly based on roster. Last night against the Raptors they ran a great BLOB set late in the game when they needed a score. In my opinion BLOB sets are the hardest ones to find because there isn't a lot of good action to run with the ball in that spot. This set, however, has a nice mis-direction to get Vince Carter a look for 3.

The set starts in a weird formation with the a post and guard off set on the ball side elbow. The point is on the backside block and the 5, or a post, is on the ball side block. In this set #2 is your shooter. The shooter (2) cuts down and appears to set the down screen for 1 and 4 also cuts down so it looks like a double. At the last second the shooter (2) peels off and comes out to the ball side corner for a 3 off a baseline screen by 5. 1 cuts up to the top and the ball is entered to 2 or 1.

Here is the video of the set ran last night. They get it back to Barnes who goes 1 on 1, but I don't think that was the designed look.