Saturday, January 12, 2013

Interesting Pick and Roll Sets

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The following are two pick and roll sets that I've seen this year playing or scouting. I'm not a big pick and roll guy, but I like the fact that these two sets have a little bit of a misdirection flavor  built into them.

Warrior Circle
The first play comes from playing Henry Sibley High School, one of our conference rivals. Coach James ran this play against us for a big basket late in the game and it caught us off guard. I thought it was really slick and a great call by Coach James of Henry Sibley. It looks like they are looking for a backcut or a drive off the PnR, but what they are really looking for is the backside wing circling over the top of the screen for a three. He ends up wide open because everyone is so worried about the pick and roll action.

The play starts in a 1-4 high. The post opposite the shooter (5) pops and sets the screen and roll. The guard (1) comes off the screen hard and dribbles at the wing (3) if he can't turn the corner. The wing (3) backcuts and fills to the opposite side. As the pick and roll is happening the other post 4, starts to follow the ball and then sets a screen away for the shooter (2) to come off to the top of the key for the pitch back and the shot.

Polar High-Low
I saw this set on a scouting report for our conference opponent North St. Paul. The Polars are struggling a little bit so far this year but Coach Janquart is doing a great job. He didn't run this set against us, but I think it's pretty basic yet effective - which I am a big fan of. It's a great play to use if you want to go inside to a player.  
The set starts with a 3-2 set with the point (1) starting slightly opposite the side of the stud post (5). The stud post (5) pops up and sets the ball screen. The wing (3), sinks to the corner as the point (1) comes off the pick and roll. As the point (1) comes off the ball screen, the opposite post (4) pops up to the elbow, receives the ball, and goes inside to the rolling post (5).
This set is hard to guard because if you deny the roll you are setting yourself up to get sealed by the roller for an easy basket.

Neither of these plays are complicated or high tech, but they are simple and effective. Would be great quick hitters to put in your back pocket for an end of game situation.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mahtomedi High-Low Quick Hitter

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Today the St. Thomas coaching staff was watching film on Mahtomedi. They ran a really simple, quick, but effective high-low set for their stud Zach Linquist. The thing about it that's special is that it throws a little mis-direction at you, but really gets the ball where it needs to be quickly.

The set starts out with a 1-3-1 look with the stud (5) in the high post, another post player (4) in the low post, a shooter (3) on the one wing, and a second shooter (2) on the other wing.

The set starts with the point guard (1) dribbling at the wing opposite the low post (4). As he does the wing (2) comes up and sets a ball screen, then pops to the top for a three. As the point (1) is coming off the ball screen the high post stud (5) screens down for the low post (4) who pops to the elbow. The point (1) enters the ball to the high post player coming off the screen (4) who immediately goes inside to the stud (5) who sealed as soon as he set the down screen. When we watched it, the timing was perfect and the stud (5) was in perfect position to catch and score.

Mapooro Cantu BLOB Set

I would encourage you all to watch Euroleague games, as the coaches over there run some great offense. As a motion coach I personally love watching some of their motion actions. They also run some outstanding sets and a lot of good pick and roll action - something for everyone really. They play a fun style, are all skilled, and really move the ball well. Tonight I was watching Mapooro Cantu against Real Madrid and I picked up a slick baseline out of bounds set that I wanted to share. One of the great things about the Euroleague teams BLOB sets is their formations. Most US teams have standard formations, such as line, box, and flat. In Euroleague however,they are much more imaginative and run their BLOBs out of some very unique formations, like the one for the set below.

The set starts with a stack in the mid post with the post players, a shooter at the free throw line, and another player just inside the laneline opposite the ball. The player just inside the lane line comes up and off a screen by the player on the free throw line and makes it look like he's coming off the double as well. Instead of coming off the double, however, he curls the free throw line screen and curls to the rim. The screener then pops off the double screen for a shot.

My adjustment
Because this BLOB set is in the vein of what we say from the Shockers in the set two posts below, I think a good ending would be the second guy in the stack (5) upscreening for the first (4).