Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mahtomedi High-Low Quick Hitter

Photo courtesy of zephyrmclub.com
Today the St. Thomas coaching staff was watching film on Mahtomedi. They ran a really simple, quick, but effective high-low set for their stud Zach Linquist. The thing about it that's special is that it throws a little mis-direction at you, but really gets the ball where it needs to be quickly.

The set starts out with a 1-3-1 look with the stud (5) in the high post, another post player (4) in the low post, a shooter (3) on the one wing, and a second shooter (2) on the other wing.

The set starts with the point guard (1) dribbling at the wing opposite the low post (4). As he does the wing (2) comes up and sets a ball screen, then pops to the top for a three. As the point (1) is coming off the ball screen the high post stud (5) screens down for the low post (4) who pops to the elbow. The point (1) enters the ball to the high post player coming off the screen (4) who immediately goes inside to the stud (5) who sealed as soon as he set the down screen. When we watched it, the timing was perfect and the stud (5) was in perfect position to catch and score.

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