Sunday, December 30, 2012

Two Eastern Kentucky Backdoor Sets

Now I'm re-watching West Virginia vs. Eastern Kentucky from earlier today. Eastern Kentucky scored a  couple of baskets early off of these two backdoor set plays. The first one is complicated and takes a lot of time to develop, the second is more of a quick hitter, however. Personally, I wouldn't run the first one on a high school level, as it's pretty complicated and takes too long to develop. The second one, on the other hand, would make for a perfect quick hitter to get into our motion offense.

Set #1
Set one starts in a 1-3-1 type set with the point guard (1) at the top of the key, the post (5) in the high post and other perimeters (2,3,4) on the wings and low block. The bigger perimeter player (4) is the one who is on the low block.

The set starts with the player on the block (4) and the wing (2) on his side interchanging with the wing going to the short corner. The point (1) passes to the player coming up from the block on the interchange (4) and cuts through to the backside block. Once the point is through the high post (5) steps out and receives the pass from the wing (4). The backside wing (3) down screens for the point (1) who comes to the wing. The player who set the down screen (3) fills to the deep corner.

After the point (1) gets out to the wing, the player who passed the ball to 5 (4) sets a down screen for the player on the block (2) and then sets a backscreen for the player on the opposite wing (1).  Once the backscreen is set for 1, the post (5) makes a pass to the left wing (2) and cuts to the ballside block. As soon as the pass is made, the 4 comes over and sets a ballscreen. The ballhandler on the wing (2) comes off the ballscreen hard across the top. The deep corner player (3) raises up as if he's going to get the ball then goes backdoor for a layup.

Set #2

In set #2, which I like better, it started in an odd looking set. The point (1) and off guard (2) start high with the point (1) at the top of the key and the off guard (2) starts high and off the laneline. One wing (3) starts in the deep corner opposite the off guard (2). The other wing (4) starts free throw line extended on the off guard's (2) side. The post (5) starts at the high post again.

To start the play the off guard (2) cuts and stacks with the post at the middle of the free throw line. The wing on the guard's side (4) raises up and receives the ball. The point (1) corner cuts after he makes the pass.

The player with the ball on the wing (4) starts to dribble to the top. The post (5) sets a backscreen for the off guard (2) who cuts to the block. He fills the ballside corner and the point (1) moves from he corner up to the wing replacing the wing (4) who's dribbling.  After setting the screen, the post (5) immediately cuts up like he wants the ball and then backcuts to the rim. The player with the ball (4) keeps dribbling across the key. The backside deep corner player (3) raises up like he's going to get the pass and then goes backdoor for a layup.

Great BLOB by Wichita State

Currently watching Wichita State Play Northern Iowa on ESPN3. ESPN3 is my saving grace as I don't have cable!

Anyway, Wichita State ran this BLOB play and I thought it was pretty slick. It's not fancy or complicated, but it gets the job done and I bet it'll fool at least a few opponents this year. The announcers on ESPN even talked about how UNI covered this play during their walk-through today and it still worked!

The play starts with two players stacked at and just below the free throw line. A scorer (3) starts in the three spot, just below the stack. A shooter (2) stands on the ballside corner to occupy a defender. The scorer (3) comes off the double screen by circling around the first and squeezing between the screeners back to the spot he came. Might get an easy lay up here, but chances are that 3s guy will sag.

As the scorer (3) clears the screen he continues to head to the backside of the rim. The second guy in the stack (5) screens the first guy in the stack (4). The first guy in the stack (4) cuts to the ball and recieves the pass for a shot. If the player coming off the screen (4) is denied by the corner player's (2) defender, then the shooter (2) is wide open for a three.

Possible Counters
If the defense starts to sag off of 4 and blow up the play, then 5 can pin down 4's guy. 4 pops out to the free throw line extended for an easy three.
The stud (3) can start to come off the screen bu instead backscreen for 5.

Put the shooter in the 5 spot if they sag off you and have him pop to the free throw line extended after setting the three, or the corner spot (2) can flair for him.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Where Have I Been? And being Blessed at 0-5.

Well, I have not posted for an embarassingly long time! What have I been doing you ask? Nope, not on a secret mission to save America, didn't take a mission trip, and definitely wasn't on a trip around the world.

What I was doing, however was trying my best to be a great teacher for St. Paul Humboldt, a great husband to my wife Desiree, a great coach for St. Thomas Academy, along with buying a house, moving,  and being a first time homebuyer with no internet.

With that said, I am going to try to update this more often, as well as start a free basketball website where I can post all of my handouts, videos, thoughts, materials, links, etc. Coming soon - but not up and running yet.

At St. Thomas we've had a rough start to the year on the scoreboard - we've started out 0-5, but could easily be 4-1. Lost a game in triple overtime, lost a game by 5 (and had 25 turnovers), lost by 8 (had a lead), and lost, and lost by 5 and had a lead.

Some would be down about this - how are we losing? But there are are a couple of reasons that we are blessed:
1. We are blessed with a great head coach who is going to get us pointed in the right direction/
2. We are blessed with great player who are going to work hard and get better each day.
3. We are blessed with the knowledge of  what we need to improve on.
4. We are blessed that everyone is on board.

Because of this, we are going to turn it around. With the exception of the first game where John Marshall kicked our butts, we've competed in every game and given ourselves chances to win. Honestly, I would rather be 0-5 than 4-1 because our practices are more focused.

Happy holidays to everyone, whatever you celebrate, and remember to give thanks for the important things in life - family, friends, and the abilities you do have!