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Notes from Spain and France U20

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Spent the better part of last night and today watching the U20 game between Spain and France. I like watching teams whose rosters are not dominated by high level (NBA/Euroleague) pros. It's interesting to see what teams without that big time talent do because it relates better to the teams I coach at the high school level. There was TONS of great stuff, too much to put all of it on here unfortunately. If you get a chance, watch the game, the end is kind of epic. I did get a Spanish horns series, Spanish modified Iverson series, French set series for a good PG, a good BLOB series from France and Spain, and a few other odds and ends to share.

Spain Inbounds Set
I like BLOB sets that are out of different alignments. Everyone runs line, box, 4 up, flat, etc. This alignment is three across with the ball side block, middle rim, and a step off the rim as well as a player on the ball side elbow.

Set #1
The set starts as described above. The 4 is ball side block. The 3 is at the rim and the 1 is just outside the three. The 1 curls around the 3 and 4 to the corner. As this happens, the ball side elbow (5) screens the screener to the elbow for a shot or drive. If the one is wide open for a three you can throw it there too.
If there is no shot or drive, the inbounder (2) comes off a double screen set by the 4 and the 5. They get into the offense from there. If the shooter (2) isn't open, the second screener (5) pops up to the opposite elbow and gets the ball. 
On the pass to the 5 on the opposite elbow the shooter (2) back doors. They get into their offense from there. 
Here is a quick video. 

Set #2
In this set the middle player (3) simply starts coming out to the corner off a screen by the block player (4). The cutter (3) doubles back and gets a back screen to the rim.
Here is a quick video.

Set #3
This is a great read/counter to the first set if the defense cheats off the middle man to help on the player cutting to the corner. You can also use it if you have a size mismatch on any position. The 1 runs off the double to the corner. The inbounder (2) lobs it into the first screener (3) at the front of the rim for a shot.
Here is a quick video.

Set #4
This is a set that Spain ran for a corner 3 to end the 3rd quarter and take a 1 point lead. This time the middle man (3) comes off a screen by the elbow player (5). The outside on the backside (1) screens up for the screener (5) who cuts to the rim. The ball side block player (4) sets an in screen for the 1 who just set the back screen. The 1 gets the shot.

Here is a quick video.

France Set #1
This look caught my eye because it's a good set to get some initial action for a point guard. They also run some little on big back screens out of the set, which I like. They ran it as a secondary (hitting the trailer, and also out of a 1-4 high look.

Set #1
This set started as a secondary. The point guard hits the 4 on the slot and cuts to the block on the 4's side. The 4 passes to the ball side wing (3). The 4 then down screens the 1 who comes back off the screen, gets the pass, and immediately receives a ball screen from the 5 man. The 2 is spotted up in the corner that the drive is going to.
Here is a quick video.

Set #2
This set starts the same basic way, but out of a 1-4 high look. The 4 steps out and gets the ball and then passes to the wing (3). The 1 starts to make a cut again.

The 1 doesn't finish his cut this time, but instead turns and screens for the 5 at the back side elbow. The 5 cuts to the rim and the 4 on the ball side slot sets a screen the screener down screen for 1. The one comes off the screen, gets the ball, and immediately gets a ball screen from the 4 who set the down screen.
Here are two quick videos. 

Spain Modified Iverson Set
Spain did an interesting thing with the traditional Iverson set. The traditional set works with a 1-4 high. The wings interchange with one wing going over the top and one under the posts. You throw the ball to one of the two and have a set out of it. Instead of going traditional Iverson here, the Spanish team stacked their bigs to provide almost a double screen on the cut.

The set starts with the posts stacked in the middle of the free throw line. The wing they wanted to get the ball (2) always went over the top and the other (3) always under.

When they threw it to the 2 the bottom of the stack (5) came over and set a ball screen. They liked it going baseline the best.

But they would also set it going to the middle.

If the screen wasn't there, they liked throwing back to the 1.
 The 1 would then get a ball screen from the other post. If nothing was there it would be a dribble handoff to create action.

Here are a few short videos of the set.

Spain Horns Series 
Spain ran a interesting horns series in this game. They all started with a post/post cross screen, but gave some different looks for post up opportunities.

Set #1
The first set in the series starts with the 5 cross screening for the 4 who pops out and gets the ball. The point (1) cuts down and the ball side corner (3) cuts in. After setting the screen away the 5 turns and sets a screen for the opposite corner (2) cutting up.

 As the 2 cuts off the screen, the 1 and 3 set a double screen the screener back screen for 5 who cuts to the block and looks for the post up.
 Here are a few short video.

Set #2
The second set in the series starts the same way. But this time the 1 cuts all the way through and starts to head to the corner. The 5 sets a screen away for the back side corner (2) but sets it a little deeper than the first time. As the 2 comes off the screen the 4 with the ball dribbles at him.
 The 2 takes the handoff from the 4. As that happens the 3 at the block sets a back screen for 4 and we enter the ball that way.
 Here is a short video.

Set #3
The third and final set starts the exact same way. This time the point follows his pass and takes the handoff. The 4 cuts off a flair screen by the 5 and immediately goes to set a screen away for the backside corner (3).

The 5 steps out after setting the screen and gets the pass. The 4 finishes the screen away for the opposite corner who cuts up. The 5 reverses the ball to the corner coming off the screen (3) and then goes and screens away for the other corner players (2).

Here are a few short video.

France Set for a Slasher
Liked how France used this set to get their driver a look at the basket. I think you could put any position 1-5 in the 2 spot if you like them getting to the rack.

The set started in almost a box look. The point (1) came down on the laneline opposite the bigs. The 5 at the elbow down screens for the 4 on the block who cuts up and gets the ball. Right after setting the first screen for the 4, the 5 turns and sets a in screen for the wing (3) on the opposite block who cuts out and gets the ball.
Once the 3 gets the ball on the wing the 2 who has been on the opposite elbow steps out and screens the passer 4, right as he passes. The 5 then turns in and screens for the 2 cutting toward the corner. Pass the ball to the cutting 2 and let him go.  
Here is a short video clip. 

Spain Set for Two Shooters
Spain ran a solid set to get their shooter open. They ran it out of a transition, but it could have been in the half court as well.

Set starts in almost a box look with a wing on the ball side, post on the backside elbow, the 4 on the block, and the shooter on the backside block. The point dribbles off the wing who goes down and through a baseline screen set by the 4. The play starts to look like 2 is coming off a double from 3 and 5 but at the last second 3 takes off to the corner off a screen by 4 and the 2 comes off the 5's down screen.
Here is a short video clip. 

France High Box Inbounds 
France ran this BLOB sets several times and got some good looks.

In this series, the 2 and 3 were stacked mid lane and the 4 and 5 stacked ball side elbow. The 3 would down screen for the 2 who came off that screen and the double. If there wasn't a wide open shot, the 2 doubled back and with the 5 set a double screen for the 4 who popped out. The 1 then followed his pass and got a hand off.

When the 1 took the handoff he immediately got a ball screen from the 5. Right after the handoff, the 4 peels off and takes a back screen from 2 to the rim. 
Here is a short video. 

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