Sunday, April 1, 2012

Book Review: Season of Life

On a recommendation from Coach Rathmann of Blake High School I picked up Season of Life this weekend. I am only halfway through the read, but I wanted to put it on here as soon as I could The book, written by Jeffrey Mark, follows a season with Reverend Joe Ehrmann (former Baltimore Colts linebacker) and the high school football team that he is an assistant coach for.

The book isn't about Xs and Os, it's about how to, and the importance of, building strong young men. Young men who will go on to be successful fathers, husbands, workers, and friends. The book discusses in part how the coaches at Gilman High School in Maryland.

The biggest thing this book does for me is to reaffirm my belief that the job of the coach is to build people, not just teams. Help players to move on to be successful after the ball stops bouncing. As coaches if we are not building good people we are failing miserably, no matter how many games we win. It's also something that I am going to be going over this summer and trying to understand how I can be better in this area of coaching.

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