Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good and Fun Games to Work on Ballhandling

I did this drill the other day with my guys, they seemed to like it and I will do it again. While raiding the PE closet at Como Park I found some small dodge balls. I had my players play dodge ball while they were dribbling with their weak hands. The kids really enjoyed it and they had to move around and maneuver with their weak hands. Anytime you can get kids to work on their weak hands and still have fun, it's a good thing! If you get eliminated you owe 5-10 pushups, so that increases the competitive element to the game as well.

The other game we play (and why I was in the PE closet in the first place) is playing catch while dribbling a basketball. I have my players play catch with a tennis ball, baseball, or softball while dribbling. They stand on opposite lane lines and play catch. I have them do it with their right hand, left hand, and then have them cross over and catch. We compete for who can play catch the longest. I like it because the players are doing two things at once, it's competitive, and works on their dribbling with their eyes up.

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