Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2 Ball Dribbling Series Drill

Not going to try to cover it up, I'm a HUGE drill nerd. I love drills, drills, drills and collect them at every opportunity. This blog will be a way for me to share many of them with others. I am sure that you've seen a lot of them I'm going to share from time to time, but I hope that you pick something new up here and there.

Two ball dribbling is something I picked up from a Forrest Larson tape a few years ago, and I think it's something that many coaches do. It's a great way to build the weak hand of your players and get your players to concentrate on doing other things besided dribbling. Last year I did at least 5 minutes every day of 2 ball dribbling and the positive results were very evident as the year went on. Also, I believe you have to incorporate some movement into the drills, but must start stationary. If you have a block of time for freethrows during practice, but not enough hoops for all of your players, a great idea is to split them into 2 groups. One group shoots free throws for 5 minutes while the other does the 2 ball dribbling, then the groups switch for another five minute segment. This way those players shoot as many free throws in 5 minutes as they would have gotten in 10 with double the number of players at each hoop, AND they got some good ballhandling in.

When I personally do this drill, Players perform 10 the following 2 ball dribbling drills for 30 seconds each - which completes a 5 minute section in practice. I switch up which ones we do it keep it interesting - obviously some require more skill than others. After the first couple of times, I expect them to switch from one drill to another on the fly when I verbally give the command. I line everyone up on a sideline so that if/when we have to move we can go right into it and not waste time.
*Pound together
*Pound alternate
*Ankle High
*Shoulder High (pound hard)
*Right hand high, left hand low (ankle)
*Left hand high, right hand low (ankle)
*Continuous Crossover
*Push and pull side
*Push and pull front
*Left hand pound, dribble around right leg with right hand only
*Right hand pound, dribble around left leg with left hand only
*Between legs and crossover
*Crossover and behind back
*Crossover and between legs
*Down and back together
*Down and back alternate
*Down and back continuous crossover
*Down and back attack and retreat
*Down and back ankle high

So there you have it. Some good ballhandling drills that you can do with two balls. Hopefully if you haven't seen this, you can incorporate it into your practice routine. I think your team will benefit from it.

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