Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spurs SLOB Down Screen the Screener Set

There are not a lot of great, quick hitting, SLOB sets out there. There is only so much you can do from that spot to get quick shots for your guys. On top of that, most defensive teams sag off in a SLOB situation and force you to just inbound the ball.

One GREAT SLOB was posted by HowU the other day, and I saw the Spurs run one another one the other night against the Blazers.

The set starts in a box with your 5 on the opposite block, your 4 on the ball side block, and your 2 and 3 on the elbows. Your point or best driver takes the ball out.

The set starts with a big-big low cross screen. The ball side elbow player screens down for the screener who pops to the perimeter. On the inbounds pass, the inbounder comes off for a handoff and they play out of it from there.

If it were me, at the high school level, I would put my best shooter in the 4 spot and other post type player at the 3 spot so we could get a three point look for our shooter and then the post on the high elbow could set a ball screen for a hand off to ball screen action. But Coach Popovich has won more NBA Titles (5) than I have high school games (1) - 5x more to be exact - so what do I know?!

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