Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hawks Quick Iso BLOB

The best thing I did so far in this new year is buy the digital version of NBA League Pass. I've been watching game after game and picking up some great Xs and Os. It's been years since I've really watched the NBA, and I've got to eat some crow. It really is good basketball, if you watch the right teams. I've been watching a lot of the Atlanta Hawks (I am glad the Pac Man logo is back) and love how they play.

Below is an inbounds set that they ran to get their point guard, Jeff Teague, a look to attack the basket. It's a really slick set if you have a great shooter and a great slasher that are not the same player.

The set starts with your driver in the ball side corner (Teague for the Hawks). Your best shooter is on the ball side elbow (Korver for the Hawks). Your have your two post players on the back side looking like they are going to screen for your shooter. The set is designed to be a mis-direction. You want everyone in the building to believe that you are looking for your shooter coming off the double. This causes everyone to focus on the shooter and the double screen action. As your shooter comes off the double, you throw the ball to your slasher in the corner who then drives the ball to the rim with everyone preoccupied with the double for the shooter.

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