Sunday, January 11, 2015

Simplistic Last Second Play from FC Barcelona

Today I got to watch FC Barcelona vs. Panathinaikos Athens in the Euroleague's Top 16 second round. If you have time ESPN 3 has a lot of Euroleague games available to watch. They are well worth your time. Lots of good coaches, good players, and some great Xs and Os. 

What I'm going to show you is a quick video clip of what FC Barcelona did at the end of the half in the game. They set up and made it look like their last second play was going to be a simple high ball screen for their point guard. At the last second, the post who looked to be setting the ball screen turned and pinned down for the corner on his side and then rolled to the basket. What ended up happing was the guy coming off the screen was wide open because his man had to protect against the roll. 

It worked great because you could see the other three defenders relax when they realized it was a high ball screen. The pin down totally caught the shooter's man off guard. It's definitely a look to keep in your back pocket for a late clock situation. 

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