Thursday, April 24, 2014

The 2-2-1 Set to Kill the 1-3-1 Zone

During my time in Iowa we ran some 1-3-1 zone looking to give us an edge. We played a team that ran the set look below and it killed our zone. I want to say it was Pella Christian, but not entirely sure. Also not sure that it was out of this exact set but is the basic action they torched us on with some possible counters that I added.

Basic Alignment and Action
The offense starts in a 2-2-1 set, which is a very different look. It works because you have two guys up top and are not kind of forcing the middle guy (X5) to cover two high post guys.

The guard makes the guard to guard pass and cuts to the middle of the lane. If the cutter starts to get in the way of the further action it can become a straight cut to the backside corner. As the other guard (2) catches the ball he immediately throws it into the opposite high post.

As the backside high post (4) catches the ball, the 5 steps across the lane and seals the bottom player. The point sprints to the corner opposite his pass. The 4  immediately takes the ball to the rim. and can either kick it out to the corner, take it himself, or dump off to the 5.

 Opposite High Post Denial Counters
      One of the first things they will try to do is take away that pass by bringing the backside wing over.

If that happens, the counter is for the backside high post (4) to turn and pin screen the backside wing player. The point (1) flairs away and the guard with the ball (2) can either skip it or attack the zone and skip it to 1. As that's happening, 5 steps across and seals the low guy.

So you end up with the point on the wing, hopefully alone with the option to shoot, drive, or dump into the 5.

If they try and drop their top guy to cover the backside, the counter is for the guard with the ball (2) to attack on the catch, which should force the top man (X4) to come out and guard him instead.

 If they try to deny the entry with the middle man (X5) and cover the other high post with the wing (X2) then 2 can dribble at the wing on the catch, forcing the defender to come out and opening up the ball side high post. On the catch 3 can drive it and dump off to 5 or take it himself.

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