Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Olympiakos vs. Real Madrid

I'm a big fan of Euroleague basketball, and fortunately they are on ESPN 3 tape delay! Tonight I watched Real Madrid vs. Olympiakos in the Euroleague playoffsr. It was a fun game to watch and as always I picked up a few good bits and pieces below.

Real Madrid Inbounds Series
I am always a fan of inbounds plays out of unique alignments. Coaches feel more comfortable when defending BLOBs out of alignments they are familiar with. These are two sets that Real Madrid ran out of an alignment with three players across the free throw line and a shooter on the backside. On the free throw line the bigs were on the corners and the point was in the middle. 

In the first set, the ball side post (5) screens in for the point guard and dives to the rim. The inbounder then steps in and gets the ball back for a post up. This is a great look for a big guard to get him a paint touch quickly. 

In the second set, it starts the same way. The ball side post screens in for the point who cuts out and gets the ball. The big who screened (5) dives to the rim and the backside post (4) sets a pin down for the shooter.

Olympiakos Secondary Look
I saw them run this quickly as a secondary look for their trailing big. Good way to get a quick look inside. The point dribbles the ball up, enters it to the wing and starts to make a basket cut. The rim runner steps out toward the short corner. The point doubles back and sets a back or curl screen for the trailer. It might have been designed to be a back screen but in the game it was a curl screen.

Down Screen to Ball Screen Action
This was an action that both teams ran, and I liked. Real Madrid ran it for Rudy Fernandez and it was effective. You can run it for the 2,3 doesn't really matter. Somewhere in the set the post (5) sets a down screen for the best guard (1). The guard cuts up off the down screen and looks for a shot. Right after the screen the post turns around and sprints out for a ball screen almost on the catch if no shot is taken.

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