Sunday, February 24, 2013

Unique 4 Corners Press Break Entry

When battling the press it's always good to have something different in your back pocket. While watching some scouting film a few weeks ago, we ran into this unique idea on entering the ball against the man to man press.  It seemed to confuse this team that is known for its pressure defense. It's hard to guard because it's not something you see often.

1. Formation
The formation starts with the biggest player (they had all skilled players in at this time) taking the ball out. The top two guards are in the high corners and the other guards in the the low corners.

2. The Play
The play starts with all players running to the middle of the floor! This confused the defense because its hard to deny the entry pass without risking your guy going deep for a layup on you. They also don't know what way their defender is going - very deadly against teams that don't like to switch.

After they come to the middle they immediately break apart in four directions. In the video we saw, the players went to the spot that was diagonal from where they started. For example, 1 started in the back left corner and ended up in the front right corner. The player filling to the far corner that was opposite the ball broke deep for a possible long pass. They entered it to the guard and then got into their press break - which was clear out against the man to man.


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