Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to Back Cut

Back cutting is an art that takes proper technique to be successful! Below is an outline of four simple tips for teaching proper back cutting.

1. Cut AT the ball to set up the cut - and sell it. 
Many coaches tell their players to cut higher against pressure in order to set up a back cut. I don't think it's wrong by any means, but I do contend that there is a better way. We've found that taking a step toward the ball is more effective. Cutting up allows the defender to back off a little bit and not get beat. Stepping at the ball suckers the defender in because his natural instinct is to step farther up to cut off the player trying to get open to the ball. For some reason that motion of cutting toward the ball makes the defender panic - probably because it's an aggressive motion. Bringing the defender closer to the cutter also makes a easier passing angle for the back cut.

Also, when you cut toward the ball put your hands up like you are going to get a pass, really sell to the defender that you want the ball!

2. Cut right away and every time you are overplayed. 
Back cutting needs to be a habit, something that we do every, single, time. Back cutting every time creates a habit and it also makes the defense more leery of defending you hard because they know you ARE going to back cut no matter what.

What I am about to say is going to rub some the wrong way, but it's what I believe. If you are trying to V cut to get open as a player you are wasting your time. If you are overplayed just back cut, another offensive player can fill in your spot and we can keep running the offense. It's a concept that is far more offensively aggressive because we are saying "It's fine if you overplay us, we will just score on you!".

3. No half cuts. 
This rule eliminates those passes to no one. The worst thing in basketball is the "Texas Two Step" where players take 2 steps down and 2 steps back to try and get open. Once you start a back cut you finish at the rim, even if you are not open because if you cut hard enough you just might be.

4. Look for the ball. 
Every time you cut you need to be a threat to score. Defenses are not going to respect the back cut unless they are punished by giving up points. So every time you cut get your hands up and look for the ball!

Well there you have it, four simple rules to improve your back cutting. In any offense back cutting adds another important dimension to what you are doing and should be taught. These four rules are going to make the teaching process more effective.

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