Sunday, December 30, 2012

Great BLOB by Wichita State

Currently watching Wichita State Play Northern Iowa on ESPN3. ESPN3 is my saving grace as I don't have cable!

Anyway, Wichita State ran this BLOB play and I thought it was pretty slick. It's not fancy or complicated, but it gets the job done and I bet it'll fool at least a few opponents this year. The announcers on ESPN even talked about how UNI covered this play during their walk-through today and it still worked!

The play starts with two players stacked at and just below the free throw line. A scorer (3) starts in the three spot, just below the stack. A shooter (2) stands on the ballside corner to occupy a defender. The scorer (3) comes off the double screen by circling around the first and squeezing between the screeners back to the spot he came. Might get an easy lay up here, but chances are that 3s guy will sag.

As the scorer (3) clears the screen he continues to head to the backside of the rim. The second guy in the stack (5) screens the first guy in the stack (4). The first guy in the stack (4) cuts to the ball and recieves the pass for a shot. If the player coming off the screen (4) is denied by the corner player's (2) defender, then the shooter (2) is wide open for a three.

Possible Counters
If the defense starts to sag off of 4 and blow up the play, then 5 can pin down 4's guy. 4 pops out to the free throw line extended for an easy three.
The stud (3) can start to come off the screen bu instead backscreen for 5.

Put the shooter in the 5 spot if they sag off you and have him pop to the free throw line extended after setting the three, or the corner spot (2) can flair for him.

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