Sunday, February 5, 2012

Great Xs and Os for This Weekend

Got out to see Austin vs. Mpls Washburn this weekend and was not disappointed! It was a great game with Washburn pulling away in the final minutes. Both teams are well coached, so I got a ton of notes from the game, below are a couple of nice Xs and Os that I pulled.

Austin Isolation Set
This was a set that Austin ran this weekend to iso one of their good guards. It starts with a point, a wing, a corner opposite the wing, a high post on an elbow opposite the wing, and a shooter on the wing side block. The player who you want to get the iso is the wing. Point throws the ball to the iso man's side and he immediately rips and goes baseline. The shooter on the block pops straight up the laneline. The point drifts over, the backside wing stays in the corner, and we end up in pretty much a four out look.

Austin Backdoor Set
In this set, they start in a 1-4 high look. The point guard comes off a pick and roll with one of the high posts. The wing being dribbled at back cuts hard, if it's not there the screener pops a little gets a quick pass and the point makes a quick cut for a layup.

Washburn Zone Offense
Got this from the Washburn JV team, but I think their varsity runs it as well. It's a 4 out zone look, but when a guard to wing pass is made, the opposite guard flashes to the high post instead of the passer cutting. This is different because you can sneak in from behind the defense coming from the backside guard. When the ball was passed back up to the guard, the opposite guard filled back in. They also left their post on one side and looked to work it around and have him pin. I also think this would be a GREAT look against any zone trap.

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