Sunday, February 19, 2012

Great Quick Hitter

Last night I drove across the Mississippi  river to attend the UW-River falls and UW-Whitewater game.  It was a great game with Whitewater winning at the buzzer on a fall away jumper by their center of all people. As a coach or a fan these smaller college (D2, D3, NAIA) games are the best to watch. All the kids play hard for the love of the game - not the lure of NBA money. The house is packed with rowdy college kids and it's a great atmosphere. The following set is a set that UWRF ran a number of times during the game trying to get the ball into their bigs. I thought it was a nice quick look and wanted to share it.

Ball starts on the wing, backside wing pins for the point guard and we skip the ball. Just before the ball is thrown the backside post cross screens the ballside post. As the ball is in the air the ballside post is coming across to the new ball side for the layup or at the very least post up.

The reason I liked this is that the ballside (5) defender is not likely going to sprint across the lane for the help and if he anticipates it, then 4 has perfect post up position in the middle of the lane. And if they switch it you simply have 4 seal and 5 come to the corner or short corner and 4 has a layup. It's a great quick hitter that you can run for an easy look to one of your inside players and would even make a nice secondary break.

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