Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Teaching the Game Using Technology - Teaching to a Techie Generation

During one of our workouts the other day I was trying to explain to a player how to use his feet to set up his crossover dribble better and make it more effective. For whatever reason, he wasn't getting it. I told him, I showed him, but it just wasn't working. I kept thinking about other ways to show him.

After a a couple more minutes, I had an "ahh ha!" moment. I grabbed my blackberry off the stage, opened up Youtube, and downloaded a video of Tim Hardaway highlights with his killer crossover. I was then able to show the player how Tim used his foot work to set up his crossover and make it more effective. That caused the light bulb to go off in his head and he was able to better perform the move.

For me, this brings up a point many coaches ignore. We live in a technology age with players who've grown up with the internet, ipods, cell phones, etc. Our players sometimes learn things well from watching those short video clips. How can coaches use that?? Sometimes it's as simple as finding some online video clips of a concept you want to teach - a move, how to run an offense or defense, etc and sharing it with your players. You could also direct them to different blogs, podcasts, or other web based media that has some significants. I've used many blogs, especially Alan Steins to show players how hard NBA guys work. Sometimes it's more complex, such as making a series of video clips for your guys to take home and watch - or even throw them up on youtube so they can watch at home or on their phones.

I would encourage you to think about how you can use new technology to reach your players for better results.


GeekCyclist said...

About once a week I use my blackberry to take a picture or video of something I want to 'adjust' with a player. Usually it is shooting footwork or form. It's become an invaluable tool, because the kids get immediate visual feedback on what we are trying to teach them.

mahasiswa teladan said...

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