Saturday, July 17, 2010

Take Ten Minutes

The last year or so, I've become so busy with my teaching as a first year teacher and the actual execution of coaching that I've gotten away from taking the time to THINK about our craft. Its important to take time to actually THINK about coaching, not just read about it, watch videos, talk to other coaches, etc. I feel that it's important to spend some time each day thinking about basketball and coaching. The great Don Meyer feels the same way - watching one of his videos is what reminded me about it.

So I'm going to start spending ten minutes each day alone with my thoughts. Just thinking and writing down my thoughts. I'm also going to get back to carrying around a pocket notebook. Reading over an old one of mine the other day, there were some good ideas in there.

When you do this, just let the ideas flow. Don't spend time worrying about coming up with all great ideas, because you won't. But if you open your mind up and let the ideas flow some that come out will be worthwhile for you! Again, I encourage you to find ten minutes a day (five if you are really busy) to do this, it will definitely be a good investment of your time.

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