Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Using a Combination Defense To Get a Player Rattled

Since I have not posted in a while, I'll throw out a two for one today. I was talking with a basketball friend last night and we were talking about using a box and 1, diamond and 1, etc to rattle a high scoring player.

This is nothing new really, using this defense to shut someone down. But most coaches don't talk about the psychological part of using this defense. If a team has a player that is used to shooting the ball and scoring a lot, they are going to get frustrated when they are not getting the touches they are used to. Some players don't mind, but it drives some players totally INSANE! This can cause them to start to force shots and force the action. So sometimes even if the box and 1, diamond and 1 etc isn't the BEST defense to run against a team, you run it simply to frustrate that type of player that demands the ball. It can lead to a breakdown in team play and good things for your squad!

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