Monday, August 3, 2009

Taking Time for Yourself

I wrote about something similar in my "Dead Zone Time of the Year" article last year in September.

I think it's important as the summer winds down, and before the season begins that you take some time to do some other things you enjoy. For me, it's fishing, a little hunting, and spending time with the wife and friends. For you it might be different, but I think it's a healthy thing to do, find something else you like and take time for that. Basketball can be very addicting, and takes up a lot of time during the winter and summer. You see many coaches burn out as the years go on, many times because they do not take the time to do other fun things with their time. If it is all basketball, all the time, you likely will burn out at some point. Remember, a coaching career (and building/running a successful program) is a marathon, not a sprint. So take time to slow down, enjoy life, and put basketball into perspective.

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