Thursday, July 23, 2009

Using the "Skate Dribble"

The "Skate Dribble" is a move where players push off their outside (non ballside) foot and move sideways, almost in a slide. It's a quick move that starts and stops fast. This is a great move because it makes the defender have to make a decision and the offense can try to take advantage of that decision, whatever it is.

To perform the dribble, the player simply pushes off with the outside foot, while pounding the ball on the same side as the direction you are moving. The player slides his outside foot after his inside foot has planted. The planted foot and slide of the outside foot help to stop the player's momentum so he can read the defense and make a move. It's only a one dribble pound and then you have to make a decision.

Then, it comes time to read the defense. If the defense does not move enough, because the dribbler moved laterally and not North/South, that will open enough of a lane for the player with the ball to drive the lane. The footwork, for me is always pound with the ballside foot (the foot that made the initial step) and attack by stepping first with the outside foot (the sliding foot) to seal the defender with the player's backside.

If the defense makes the slide and overplays the play (why it's important to slide and stop on a dime), the offensive player simply crosses over and attacks the other way. The footwork here is pound, slide, step with the ballside foot as you crossover. So you can cross step and seal off the defender.

This is a move series I have been working on a lot with my guys over the summer and I can already see improvements in how they attack the basket. Hope it can help you guys out as well. If the above description doesn't make sense, please let me know and I will try to better explain it! Thanks for reading!

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John said...

Great post. This is a move I don't think I've ever read a piece on, yet it happens 100 times a game. Especially when you watch the great individual attacking players (LeBron, Kobe, Wade). I'm going to take your ideas and teach them to my team as a 'Setup Dribble' as I think it 'sets you up' to make an attacking movement.