Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Jab Fake I Like...

Most of you that read this blog know that I'm not a big fan of triple threat. I don't look down on people who use it, or teach it, but it's not for me.  I think it's slow, cumbersome, kills your team's offensive flow, and leads to a lot of this...

With that said, I did like how Kelly Olynyk used it against the Timberwolves last night. What I liked about it wasn't that it made the Big KAT get weak in the knees, it is that Olynyk used it IMMEDIATELY. He saw that KAT was out of position already and used the jab with a purpose - to further get him out of position. I like this and it's a LOT different from what Anthony is doing above. It's fast and keeps the cadence of the offense going.  Now, looking at it through the lens of a high school coach, I'm probably teaching a hard drive on this - unless it's an exceptional shooter. 

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Bren Murphy said...

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