Friday, November 27, 2015

Phil Jackson's Bullseye Test

I am currently reading Phil Jackson's book, Eleven Rings. I'm really enjoying it, but I'm currently into a player centered, philosophical approach to coaching, so it's right up my alley. One gem I've pulled out in the first 100 pages is the "Bullseye Test" he uses with his players.

The Bullseye Test is simple, yet insightful. Give each player a three ring bullseye. Have them write where they feel that they are in terms of their connection to the rest of their teammates. Don't give them anymore than that.

You then look at their bullseyes and see how connected each person feels to our group. It also gives you a handle on how connected the team feels as a group. If they are very connected they are in the middle, if they feel kind of connected their name will be in the second ring, and if they don't feel connected they write their name on the last ring or outside the rings. A lot of times it comes down to playing time - the more they play the closer to the middle they write their name. So you have to account for that a little bit when looking at them.

Once you've done the exercise, you can use them to have individual talks with your players. Ask lots of questions about why they feel that way, and if they are outside the middle how can we move them closer (without adjusting playing time of course). It will also help you determine if how to proceed with team bonding activities during the season. It's something we will definitely use this season.

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