Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jump Switching the Dribble at Back Cut?

Photo courtesy of eylean.com
As you can see by the last blog post, I've spent some time recently breaking down some of Greece's U19 offensive actions. As I did the breakdown, something that Serbia's team did defensively caught my eye. Greece runs some dribble at, back door cut actions within their offense. In this game they burned Serbia a few times early for layups. Serbia then did something that at first I couldn't believe, but it was clearly there on film. They were jump switching the back cut. Now I only saw it once so far - but am going to go back and look at this game and others to see if I can catch it again. Below is some video of them using the jump switch to defend the dribble at and back cut.

When you really think about it, it shouldn't work, right? I mean you are running away from the ball AND the cutter. That just smells like a disaster, doesn't it? Well at least in this situation it worked, I think because the guy on the ball took the passing angle away and the player running at the ball may have caused him to hesitate long enough for everyone to get into position. Either way it definitely has my wheels turning about how to defend this action.

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