Thursday, July 16, 2015

Australia U19 Overload Break Quick Hitters

Italy and Australia are two of my favorite international programs and they played a great game in the U19 World Championships. Australia ran two wings to a side on the break often - filling the wing and the corner. Overloading a side off the break is a much different look than the traditional one wing on each side look. They ran several interesting secondary/quick hitter looks out of these sets.

Australia Quick Strike: Flex
I'm not a fan of the standard flex offense, but I do love incorporating the flex action into an offense - especially as a secondary. Here you can see Australia's version of it.

They ran this set right out of the break. One of the perimeter players (2) cut to the block. The 5 occupied the ball side block.   As the point crossed half court, he reversed it through the trailer. As he does the 5 pops and gets the ball. The wing (3) then cuts off the flex screen set by 2. The trailer down screens the screener. 

Australia Quick Strike: Double Back Screen
This one starts out with the same basic look. Two wings on a side -corner and wing. The post on the ball side and the trail filling the opposite slot. The trailer (4) screens down for the wing (3) who cuts up and gets the ball. Right as the point makes the pass the post (5) sets a back screen for him. The point then cuts out to the corner, getting an in screen from the corner player (2).
As soon as the 2 sets the screen he continues on and back screens the post (5) into the block. 
Here is a quick video clip of them running the action. 

Australian Quick Strike: Elevator
I'm always a fan of elevator plays. They are simple, yet effective, and can be deadly to get your best shooter shots. Australia had a really great wrinkle to it out of their secondary/quick hitter look.

The entry starts in the traditional set of a trailing slot, wing, and corner on one side and the post and point on the other. The trailing four screens away for 3 on the wing. The wing (3) comes up and catches the reversal from 1. The 4 drifts to the elbow. As he passes, 1 cuts off the back screen from 5 to the rim. As he gets there the 2 screens in for the 1 to the corner, the 2 then comes out  on the elevator screen from 4 and 5 for the shot.

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