Wednesday, November 19, 2014

First Game Checklist

I am writing this blog more as a self reflection exercise than anything else. This year I've tried to get in more Xs and Os stuff than any year before. It's my belief that it's most efficient to spend the first two weeks doing all your Xs and Os stuff instead of working on "skills". The reason for this is that if you spend the first two weeks on skills you will panic the rest of the year and not have time for skills because you are putting stuff in. If you put it all in right away you spend the rest of the year tweaking and refining the Xs and Os and have a lot more time to teach overall. Along with that I believe that a year long, progressive skill program is better than 2 heavy weeks. With all that said, I am trying to come up with a check list of stuff to get in before your first game. Here is my list below, I would love to get any feedback that anyone has.

1) Base Motion vs. Man and Zone
     *Pass and cut
     *Back cut pressure
2) 1 Baseline Inbounds Set
3) Press Offense
4) 1-3 Man Sets
5) 1 Zone Set

1) On ball principles
2) Off ball principles
3) Defending ball screens
4) Defending cuts
5) Defending single screens
6) Full court defense
7) Half court trap from man to man

Anything I am missing? Any thoughts?


Unknown said...

The first thing that jumps out at me is defending OB situations, both from the baseline and sideline.

Mr Linton said...

I would add transition offense and defense to that list. Otherwise it looks pretty complete - great job!