Friday, July 25, 2014

France U20 Inbounds Set

Ok, I know all of these postings about France's U20 Team is probably getting old. Too bad, it's good stuff! This is an inbounds set that they ran against Croatia. It is a little bit intricate for the high school level, but I do love all the actions that it has - double screen, screen for shooter, hand off into a ball screen, baseline flex screen, down screen, and finally a post ISO. It is a great set to get you a lot of different looks immediately in a possession coming out of a baseline out of bounds. It really is hard to scout and defend all of those actions happening on one inbounds set.

The set starts in a modified box. The posts on the ball side and guards mid lane. The three should be the shooter and the 4 should be above the 5. The 2 pins down for the three who then comes off the double from 4 and 5. The first look is for the 3 to take a shot.

If the 3 isn't going to get it, he turns around and he and the 5 double screen the 4 who cuts out and gets the ball. After 3 clears the screen the 2 pops out to the slot.

The 1 follows his pass and takes a hand off from the 4 and dribbles it into a ball screen by 5. The 3 drops to the block after the 4 clears the screen.

As soon as he hands the ball off, the 4 peels off and comes off a baseline flex/back screen set by the 3. The 1 continues off the ball screen from 5 and looks to attack the rim or hit the 4. If the 1 turns the corner the 4 continues out to the corner.

If the 1 can't turn the corner, or pass to 4, the 5 down screens the 3 who just set the flex/back screen for 4. The 1 passes to the 3.

The 2 fills to the ball, the 1 goes away and down screens for 4. The 3 cuts to the nail after making the entry pass and the 5 goes 1 on 1 in the post.

Here is a quick video of the set. Again, not sure if it's too complicated for high school. Either way as you can see, there are a variety of different actions for different players - which does make it really hard to guard. 

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