Monday, June 23, 2014

Best Xs and Os from the River Falls Tournament

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At Tartan we always go to the UW-River Falls team camp. It's well run, the high school facilities are unbelievable, and the competition is pretty good. Both the varsity and jv groups did well and improved over the weekend. Now summer high school tournaments aren't normally somewhere that you would expect to pick up a lot of great Xs and Os. Most guys have a new team because the seniors graduated and don't have in a lot of their stuff. This weekend at River Falls was an exception to that rule however. I saw several good things that I wanted to share.

Back Screen BLOB Play
I can't even remember who ran this set, but I thought it was really slick. It's not one with multiple options that will work 2,3,4 times against an opponent. But it's a simple one that I would keep in my back pocket for a situation where you need a basket in a tight game - it's really a great last second blob if you tweaked it for a second option - maybe 2 screens 4 to the corner for a shot in a screen the screener action.

The set starts in a box with guards on the bottom and posts on the top. All for players start to cut toward the ball.
 As the backside players reach the lane line the bottom players (2,3) keep cutting, The back side elbow (5) sets a back screen for the ball side elbow player (4) who cuts to the rim for a score.

Line BLOB Set
Forest Lake ran this classic against us several times and ended up with two easy baskets, one on the initial dive and one on the screener's roll. It's a pretty solid play if you have a few other line plays. Also a good one to only bring out when you need a basket at the end of a game.

It starts in a pretty simple line stack with the guards low and the post or big wing players high. The bottom 2 players cut to the corners and the third player in line faces the ball and butt screens the top player's (5) defender.

The top player (5) cuts hard off the butt screen to the rim and the third player (4) spaces out to the opposite side. 4 will be open if they cheat off him to cover 5 or switch it.

Our JV team got a good test playing Mounds Park Academy's varsity. They ran this play several times and I liked the looks they got out of it. I think it could be a play that you add some counters to and make really good.

The set is a 2-3 high look. The point reverses to the opposite wing.

The high post back screens the point who cuts to the rim.
 The point then fills out the ball side off his cut. As this is happening, the opposite guard (2) comes off a double flair screen by the post (5) and backside wing (3). The wing with the ball (4) dribbles up at the flair. The post dives after setting the first flair which really can create mismatch issues if they switch.
They would often throw to the 2 coming off the flair and he would attack and dump to the post or kick to the pg. Once the 3 flashed middle go the ball and attacked as well.

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