Monday, March 24, 2014

Rule of Ten

I was lucky enough to sit down today and talk hoops with coach John Hedstrom. It was a great conversation and I learned a lot. I reached out to Coach Hedstrom because I was interested in how he runs dribble drive motion. I got some great dribble drive stuff, but also got a lot of great coaching nuggets in general. The most important thing I may have gotten was his "Rule of 10", I rule which I will be using this year.

Coach Hedstrom's Rule of 10 is simple yet powerful. He expects every player in practice to say ten positive things to a teammate during practice. Imagine that, you have 12 players on a team. Each one says ten positive things, that's 120 positive comments during the course of a practice. What do you think THAT would do for team morale? I don't think it could hurt.

This is something I am excited to try this year and I believe it will have positive results.

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