Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Notes from the 2013 19U Bronze Medal Game

Today I was watching the Bronze Medal game of this years 2013 FIBA World Championships between Australia and Lithuania. I've gotten through the first quarter and hope to finish before ESPN 3 (the reason I have Comcast) takes it down! Might be pushing it though. Anyway, lots of good Xs and Os pieces from the game that I am going to share below. I'll indicate the team and try to give a little bit of an explanation of the play or action.

Lithuania Inbounds Play vs 2-3 Zone
I am assuming that the Lithuanian team ran something out of this look several times. But this one really was quite slick.

Started with a stack on the ball side just above the block, shooter on the opposite block, point guard at the free throw line. Because the 2-3 zone played outside the stack, the bottom of the stack pinned the middle of the zone. The second player in the stack slipped to the basket for a layup (which he missed).

Lithuania Transition Quick Attack
The Lithuanian team ran this in transition and it worked well catching the Australians off guard.

The set was almost a 2-3 high look. Point (1) brought the ball up the floor,  threw it to the wing (3), immediately came back, got the hand off, and went straight to the basket for an uncontested layup.

Lithuanian Motion Action or Motion Entry
The Lithuanians ran this a time or two and I think it would be a great entry into or action for the motion offense.

Started in an odd looking 5 out set. The point (1) passed to the post (5) at the top and then cut to the corner on the side he passed to. The wing on that side (2) set a down screen for the point who came up and took the dribble hand off from 5 and turned the corner.

Australia A Frame Flex Set and Counter
Australia has a kid by the name of Dante Exum who's their best player and has a good chance to turn into one hell of a ball player some day. They ran a lot of their stuff for him and he was the point guard in most of these sets.

The set starts in an A Frame look. A post (4) pops out and gets the ball. The point (1) runs off a back screen by the other post (5) to the back side block. The point (1) then sets a back screen for the corner player (3).

They run a counter, and in this counter, the point (1) comes off the back screen by the post (5) as in the first one. The post (5) then down screens the point who comes back up gets a pass and the passer follows into a pick and pop situation.

 In this set, they are trying to get the ball to their stud (1) on a hand off.

The set starts in a different 4 out look with 3 on the left side. The ball is thrown guard to guard. The corner comes off a flex cut across the lane and to the other side wing. The ball is swung from 2 to 4. When 4 catches the ball the guard who passed it (2) basket cuts. The post (5) pops to fill the empty guard spot and gets the ball. The point (1) goes to the backside corner.

When the post (5) catches the ball he dribbles at the opposite wing (3). The player on the wing opposite the dribble direction (4) fills behind. The guard who cut (2) fills the corner then the backside wing. The wing being dribbled at (3) back door cuts and fills the backside corner.

As the wing (3) is back cutting the point (1) comes up, takes the dribble hand off, and attacks the basket. The post (5) rolls and the point has 3 guys spotted up on the opposite side.


Matt Hackenberg said...

Coach, I stumbled across your blog and love what you're doing. I'm a 27 your old head coach in Ohio and I'm always looking for good info to sift through. Keep it up

JohnCarrier said...

Thanks Coach Hackenberg! I appreciate that!