Thursday, August 16, 2012

Great Majerus Set Pick and Roll Play

A number of years ago I attended a clinic with Rick Majerus on the pick and roll. It wasn't the best clinic that I had been to, but I did get a gem. This pick and roll set is great because if it's simplicity. You can draw it up as an end game set or put it in during 5 minutes of practice. Lastly, it gives you the slip look which is hard to guard when teams are aggressive.

The set works best when you have a post (or player) who can shoot it and a bigger post who is normally your screener. It also helps if you have one more shooter to be the wing that fills to the top. It is also a great set if your point guard is your best player

The set starts with a point, two wings, and a stack on the left block. The point guard (1) dribbles away from the stack. The wing being dribbled at (3) on that side circles under and comes back to the point. The backside wing (2) cuts down, off the stack (double screen) and across to the opposite corner. 

Both backside block players (4,5) start to come up to the ball with the big post (5) coming first and the shooter (4) trailing. The first player to the ball, the big post (5) slips the screen to the rim and the guard (1) looks for him.

As the big post (5) slips the shooting post (4) sets the ball screen. The player at the point (3) fades to the opposite wing. The guard (1) comes over the pick and roll and the screener (4) pops. Look to kick across to the opposite wing (3) for a shot, hit the player on the block, or hit the screener for a three.


Greg Miller said...

A good option off of this play is to have 2 man stay in lane and cut through a closing gate formed by 4 and 5. UNI set. 2 gets wing 3 pt. shot to win game.

JohnCarrier said...

Coach Miller:

Thanks a lot for posting. I love that idea! It's a great mis-direction look, everyone focuses on the pick and roll and with the head turn of 2's defender it gives 2 just enough time to sneak between!

John Carrier