Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Average 12 Points Per Game as a Role Player

I put this on Twitter on Saturday but I think it's worth posting on here too. My friend Kevin Alsteens (a.k.a The Twin Cities Hoops Czar) and I were talking about roleplayers and we talked about scoring as a roleplayer. We came up with a way for a role player to average 12 points per game. All they have to do is the following:
*Get 1 offensive rebound putback per half. (4 points per game)
*Get 1 layup per half by running the floor hard. (4 points per game)
*Get 2 free throws per half. (4 points per game)

I know this sounds simple, but just think about it for a second. As a roleplayer you can get 12 points without having to control the ball. Now if you get 2 more baskets a game within the offense you are scoring 16 ppg basically doing nothing offensively. Imagine if you could get 2 roleplayers to do this, as a coach that's 28 ppg you can add to your total. This concept is something I am going to share with our team tomorrow.

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