Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Brewers GM Doug Melvin on Building a Program

Was listening to the Colin Cowheard show today and heard the Milwaukee Brewers Doug Melvin speak on what he did to help turn around the Texas Rangers and Brewers - you can hear the interview on Cowheard's site. Cowheard asked Melvin what was his secret to turning around a franchise. Melvin's answer was great and can/should be applied to any coach taking over a program.

Melvin's Key Points:
1. Change the Culture
-He talked about how it's important to get the right people in place and change the culture. You have to make people believe that our organization can win.

2. Gain Trust
-You have to get the players, the management, the fans to trust what you are doing. This can take time, and you have to be respected, not liked, when doing this.

3. Have Patience
-This is a huge one, it's simple but hard to do. It's hard to sit there when things are not going right and keep the ship moving in your direction even when others around you think the course is wrong.

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